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Christmas - A Guide to Eternity

I remember hearing a story about a family with several children.  The youngest was very active but had not yet managed to talk. One day, the parents saw the little boy in his room standing on a book. He was jumping up and down and putting one foot down after the other over the book.  
It was a strange sight.

Just then one of the teenage siblings came by and the parents asked if she knew what her brother was doing.  Sure, she said, that’s his favorite story and somehow he’s trying to get into the story by getting into the book.

That family scene prompts three questions:  (1) What is the story that brings us together today? (2)  Is it your favorite story? (3) And have we tried to get into that story?

What is the story that brings us together today? Some might say that it is all about a very special baby. Well, not exactly, the story is about God. A God who loved every one of us so much that He sent His Son to be born and to die so that we might live forever. That story is one of sacrifice and love, suffering and redemption.  Is that the story why you are here today?

Is that your favorite story? Our world presents us with so many stories each day.  Some are thrilling, some are suspenseful.  Some are tragic, some heartwarming.  But which one matters most to us personally.  Which one can change our lives? Which one will matter most on the day when our life here on earth ends?  The story of God’s love in sending the only Son is that story, and if it isn’t our favorite, what is?

Have we tried to get into that story? Actually, that’s not really the goal; the goal is to get that story into us.  That story isn’t just for Christmas, it is for every day.  We can recall it once a year and say, it’s nice, but the story is so significant that it deserves to be considered more than nice.

The story of God’s love and the Incarnation is at the core of who we are. We find our identity is that story. We are men and women who are so loved by God that His only Son came to live among us to save us from sin and bring us to eternal life.

This story should speak to us.  It is not fiction; it’s real and was written for us.  It is a story that must be told over and over, not only in words, but also in deeds.  Think how often we meet those who do not feel loved, who do not believe in God or are on the brink of making a decision that will destroy their lives. It is that moment when you can share the story of Christmas.  Not one of trees and lights, of gifts and glitter, but one about a God who loves, redeems, forgives and embraces us.

God so loved the world that He sent His only Son.  The Christmas story is the Incarnation.  It has to be our favorite story, the story that joins us together and the one that is inside of us and guides us to eternity.


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