Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

The Assumption of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary

On any Feast of Mary, we celebrate something God has done.  Each feast is ultimately about God. Our feast this month is about the heavenly Jerusalem and our place in it.  It is about the glory that is offered us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Mary’s assumption is a vision of what God offers us.  Mary placed her trust in God, and in God’s hands she is victorious over evil in this world.  She, through God’s blessing, is not defeated by pain, suffering or death.  This feast tells us what God will also do for us.

Some of our Protestant brethren, and even some Catholic, don’t understand that to say “assumption” is to say that this is something God did.  Jesus “ascended” because of the power that was within Him, but Mary, is a creature of God, and like all of us, dependent upon God’s grace and mercy.  She was “assumed” by God.

Mary trusted this grace, and the Assumption tells us that God continually acts in this life – and death -  of those who cooperate with His grace.

The gift of glorifying Mary is something that God desires to do for all of us.  It is the whole intention of God and consequently the Church, to free us from original sin.  Original sin, simply put, is the belief that having been given a choice between what we want and what God wants for us, we have had a tendency from the beginning to choose what we want.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of original sin, we continue to choose what we want, but Jesus offered us freedom from this tendency to choose ourselves over God, and we spend our lifetimes struggling to accept this freedom.  Mary stands as an example that we can choose God.

Looking to Mary and listening to the beautiful words of the Magnificat we witness a life lived without sin.  To be sure, Mary was no shy, retiring quiet young girl.  She was a strong woman.

God does not threaten, instead He offers hope. Revelation tells us that God has a place prepared for those who flee into His mercy.  We are urged on this feast, not to just honor Mary, but to learn from her.  We, too, can face sin and win!  


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