Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

We ask, “Why, God?” and “Why did You do this?” Wisdom says that the answer to these questions is that God is not the source of pain and suffering.  To the contrary, we are made for joy. Unfortunately, human suffering challenges our faith that God is the God of Love, but suffering too often defeats our faith.  We lose hope.  We become angry. A lesson from Wisdom, in what God wants, comes through a woman who suffered long-term illness and from a father who lost his little girl.

We read two miracles.  We should look at them together, as Mark intended, and see a story of God. First, both victims are women, and both are ritually unclean. The women are unclean because of her hemorrhaging, and the little girl is unclean because of death.  Anyone who comes into physical contact with either of them also becomes ritually unclean.  

What do we learn? Mark used these two to represent the ones most deserving of our attention. Neither the woman nor the girl has status or power, but Jesus, in His compassion, sees their needs and responds to them.

These healings also raise the question of what it means to be healed.  Few in the Gospels receive healing and fewer still are raised from the dead.  The real question, then, is about how we hold on to our faith when such miracles do not occur in our lives.

When we are faced with pain and suffering, we should remember that God cares what happens to us.  We must believe that Jesus came to us personally.  We must see all things through the eyes of faith.  God can heal and restore, but Jesus’ healings, described in the Gospels demonstrate that God wants also to heal our souls, wants to keep us in relationship with the whole Body of Christ.  We matter to God.  This we must trust.


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