Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

Honor Thy Mother

January 1st is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. There are so many titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary. We know her as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of Fatima.  In Viet Nam, she is Our Lady of La Vang.  In Poland, she is Our Lady of Czestochowa.  In Ireland they call her our Lady of  Knock. In her birthplace, she is Our Lady of Palestine.  She is Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Angels and the Queen of Peace.  She is Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mary Undoer of Knots and Our Lady of Victory. I have been blessed to be a member of the worldwide Marian Movement of Priests for many years, where Father Gobbi (the founder of MMP) was the receiver of locutions from the Blessed Mother.

On January 1st , we celebrate another one of her titles, Mary, the Mother Of God.  It was a stumbling block in the early Church as many struggled to understand the mystery of God, how could a 13 year old girl actually be the mother of God?  It was confusing then and it remains confusing even today. How did they – how do we – arrive at this mystery? It must be about Jesus.  Mary is because of Jesus.  Her holiness, her example, her “yes” has significance because of what she said “yes” to.  The title, Mary, the Mother of God, has less to do with her and more with her baby.

Mary, being the Mother of God is necessary so that we might understand who He is.  We don’t worship Mary.  We are amazed with Mary, inspired by Mary, given hope by what Mary did and what God did through her.  Mary is indispensible to the story of salvation because she participated quite literally in God walking among us. Mary, conceived without sin, is the way you and I were before we fell to sin.  This is why she is also called the New Eve and Jesus, the new Adam.

In the Incarnation, the Word speaks again what He spoke in the beginning, and it is good.  Through Mary, God reconfigures humanity.  Thus Mary is the key ingredient in the salvific plan of God.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church and St. Irenaeus of Lyons, we hear, being obedient. Mary became the cause of salvation for herself and the human race. Hence, the Church Fathers explain,  the knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience Making Mary Our Lady the Mother of the Living.  In this way, Mary is totally sacramental. She brings to this world something at a specific time and place, a baby named Yeshua in a Town called Bethlehem.  She brings forth the Answer, the Word that explains what all this means.  Because of that, we call her, Mary, Mother of God.


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