Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

Are We Faithful Servants? 

Mark wrote his Gospel for people who, for the large part, already believed in Jesus.  They did not, however fully believe who Jesus was.

The Liturgical Year is rapidly drawing to a close.  In four weeks we will celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.  The following Sunday we will begin Advent. The readings this month turn us towards Christ the King, when we will celebrate His triumphant coming at the end of time. The first two Sundays of Advent will also point us toward the coming of Christ.  The last two Sundays will focus on the birth of Jesus.  As we approach theses Sundays, the Church wants us to ponder why Jesus came and what He expects upon His return.

In Genesis we look at ourselves in the person of Adam and Eve, and we read about humanity’s Original Sin.  We desire to be like God and we begin to choose what we wanted over what God wants. Jesus came to ransom us from our sin, from out Original Sin.  We might say then that Jesus came to ransom us from ourselves.

Like James and John, we often see the Gospel as a “no risk offer” – we see the glory but not the suffering.  We think Christianity is going to give us only joy and hope without requiring anything in return.  We think faith is going to save us from our troubles.  The reality is, however, as Jesus points out, that becoming a true disciple, a true Christian, brings difficulty. For us, greatness does not come from positions of power and authority.  We are to be servants. The word “servant” comes from diakonos, the root word for deacon, a person who waits on tables.  Learning to be humble servants of God and of the Kingdom, is our goal as Christians.  This is what Jesus taught His disciples – to strive for serving the widows, the orphans, the lepers and the outcasts.

When Christ comes again as King, will we be recognized as faithful servants?  Or, will we have been fighting to get higher up the ladder?   We must understand.  We are not to be like the rest.


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