Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.


Within us is a spiritual irony we must acknowledge.  We pray for an experience of God in our lives, but then we hope we don’t get it.  We pray to know God better, and then we actually sabotage our near success.  Why would this be?                 

The reality is that, while we deeply yearn for an experience of God, we fear it.  We are afraid that experiencing God in His fullness will change us.  After all, none of us wants white hair like Moses had when he came down from the mountain.  And, if not already married and we had an experience with God, it might make us feel that we have to do something crazy like become a priest or a nun!  If we are content with our lifestyle, we might be afraid we have to abandon many of the enjoyable things that fill our time and instead give our time to some sort of volunteer work.

The truth is that an experience of God will indeed change us, but not into someone that we do not want to be. Rather an experience of God will prod us into being what He has wanted us to be all along.  This is the secret of finding peace in our lives: being the person God formed us to be.

The Gospel of a couple of weeks ago showed us Jesus as the purveyor of truth.  Jesus saw the people clearly – as they really were.  Knowing their hearts, Jesus explained the Scriptures, making His listeners compare their behavior to what they themselves knew to be true.

Being forced to see their own lies made people angry, and they too rejected Jesus.  What  about our own reactions when confronted with an experience of God and the truth?  Do we become fearful and tell the Lord to depart from us, or do we allow ourselves to become transformed? Do we so much fear making changes to our lives that we become angry when we’re forced to change?

We are afraid to preach and be prophets like Isaiah.  We can be afraid to stand our ground like Paul and to remind the world of truth and of what is right and what is wrong.

Sometimes, like Isaiah, Paul and Peter, we claim to be unworthy of experiencing God, a notion God rejects.  This is just another excuse to avoid experiencing the Lord in our lives.  God loves us and wants us to experience this love and not fear it.  We should surrender to our inner desire to know Him and never be afraid.  We should pray even harder and not fear changes within us, but embrace them.


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