Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.
Mary played  a major role in the salvation history. After God made the universe and fashioned  humanity in His image and likeness, God decided to become flesh.  The Angel Gabriel asked Mary if she would be willing to help God.  Giving Mary this choice placed the all powerful God  at the mercy of Mary, a human being.
Mary had the opportunity to refuse the Angel by saying “no”.  Instead, Mary, a humble peasant girl from a little known place in the world, heard the Angels word in her heart , and she heard another voice whispering, “Mary, will you let My Will be done?”  mary uttered her reply with words that God longs to hear from all His creatures, including us: “Here is your servant, Lord, may your kingdom be born through me.”
With Mary’s fervent response,  “ the  Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” with her simple and powerful “yes”, Mary gave her body to be a  place for God’s son. Mary became the Mother of God, and our Mother, too.
Christians owe Mary an enthusiastic  thank you for bringing Jesus into our world, into our hearts and our lives. Through time. God recalls Mary’s enthusiastic reply and longs to hear every baptized Christian utter Mary’s  tender consent. “Oh my God, also take my body to do your will.”  Today, Mary longs to hear these same words from us as well.
What place does Mary hold in your prayer life?  When was the last time you told God you were ready to do His will?  After you receive Jesus in the Eucharist, do you thank His Mother for what you have received?


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