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Don't Look to the Sky

We have two Holy Days this month, Ascension of the Lord and Pentecost Sunday.  I will talk about Pentecost on my Reflections page.
Luke wrote two volumes when writing the Gospel. The first volume we call the “Gospel according to Luke,” and the second we call the “Acts of the Apostles.”  Though separate, they are inseparable.  Luke wrote his Gospel with Acts in mind, and the Acts explore for us the consequences of the Gospel.  It is arguable that in Luke’s mind the Acts was the most important volume as it becomes the handbook of the Church, telling us, “What we are supposed to do with all that Jesus did and taught until the day He was taken up.”
Luke, in the Gospel, presents the Ascension as part of one moment, the Resurrection and Ascension occurring on the same day.  In Acts, however, Luke says that Jesus continued to appear to the Apostles for 40 days.  This is a definite contradiction as far as a timeline is concerned, but Luke was not concerned with a timeline.  He was concerned with teaching the early Church. What is critically important is what the Apostles came to understand about Jesus’ teaching and, thus, what is passed on to us through their instruction.
The Ascension provided the moment for this transition.  Jesus had been the doer; His return to the Father made us the doers.  The Acts tell us that “you will be my witnesses.” No one of us can leave spreading of the faith to others or to the “professionals,” that is the priests and religious.  Their role is not to do our work, their role is to help the whole Church know what its work is and to help us to do that work. The phrase, “that’s not my job,” does not exist – or should not exist – in the Church.
Why is it then, that so many of us are caught still looking at the sky?  Why has anything and everything become more important than doing the work of Christ?  How is it that some parents let soccer games become more important than Sunday Mass?  How is it we have time for civic clubs but not the Church committee?  How is it that many Catholics pay out more in restaurants than they give to the Church?  Why is it that others can publicly praise Jesus while we remain silent?

                                              It is time to get busy!


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