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Lent's Desert Journey

Lent is about the desert.  It is there we lay aside everything that is unnecessary and are left with just ourselves. If we stay there long enough with no one to talk to, with no distractions or diversions, no noise to mask the little falsehoods we tell ourselves to cover who we really are, we are finally forced to enter into a conversation with ourselves in which we are likely to discover ourselves as we really are.  This is a moment of self-revelation.  When our defenses are gone, God moves in. In these moments we not only discover truth about ourselves, we discover truth about God as well.

Our readings offer us two such moments.  We see Abraham in a quick-decision moment and Jesus in reflection.  In Abraham, we see who we are called to be.  In Jesus, we see who God is.  In the disciples, we see our response.  In Abraham, we see a model of right relationship with God, and in the passage from Genesis we see what can happen when a quick decision comes from a character that has formed in God.  We think of Abraham as a tower of virtue and wisdom.  If we explore the life of Abraham, we see that he is far from perfect.  Rather we will discover a flawed and contradictory human being.

Ultimately we come to know Jesus’ character in the moment of His decision to accept His Father’s will and go to the Cross.  That moment of decision saved us.  In our reading from Mark we see the glory of such a character revealed.  It is awesome to behold.

Our personal story is found in the reactions of the disciples. We become so intimidated at the thought of becoming so close to God that we literally lose our heads.  When confronted with God’s revealing Himself, we too are called to listen, to take in as much as we are able.  Our personal glimpses of the glory and majesty of God are fleeting and brief.  

When Jesus reveals Himself, we see God.  The whole point of the Lenten journey is go into the desert and see ourselves as we are, and, in so doing, come to see God.  We are to listen, take it in and then strive to understand.  In this way, we can build a character within us that keeps the vision alive, so that when the opportunity comes to reveal our truest character, the vision of God and our faithfulness will be revealed.  We must use Lent well.


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