Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

The Hope of Easter

The power of Easter does reveal God’s grace at work.  If nothing else pulls people into Church, the power of Easter does.   Lax Catholics and others without their own faith communities, who are present on this special day, 
feel a deep-urge to celebrate the Solemnity of Solemnities. This day makes people think of God.

Easter is not merely another Sunday.  Easter is more than a celebration about what Christ accomplished, about more than Jesus rising from the dead.  This is certainly our primary focus, but capturing a sense of the whole meaning of the Resurrection is difficult, describing it is impossible.  How can we describe a mystery that is so incomprehensible?  Most certainly we want to believe in the Resurrection, and more, we want to experience the Risen Christ.  Easter is about finding a way to make a fitting response to this mystery.  The desire to experience and then to respond to Christ is deep enough that on Easter it brings people who seek Him.

The First Letter to the Corinthians, was written in response to scandalous sin within the Christian community.  Sins of division and immoral behavior had soured the faith of the Corinthian Christians.  Paul wanted the members of the community to make a break from a faith that had not put an end to sin.  He wanted them to throw out the old batch of faith and to use the Resurrection as new yeast – a faith that offered hope.

How can this Easter Sunday be new for us? How can each of us make a break with our sins and start anew?  How can we be Christian within our families, our businesses, our schools, and our communities?

We have a choice.  We must let Easter teach us that death is defeated.  The Resurrection offers proof that death can be defeated. The hope on this day is that there is life after death, not just for those who have died, but for those of us who remain.  We must believe that every tear will give way to a smile.  This is the gift of this day:  we always have a future when we let Easter defeat despair.

What happened at the Resurrection is hard to grasp.  The power of this event tugs away at us.  The disciple whom Jesus loved saw only burial cloths in an empty tomb, yet that was enough to create belief. What little belief we express might be the yeast that has a profound effect on today’s seekers.


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