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      Our Choices

The angel Gabriel was sent to a town called Nazareth, an insignificant, out of the way village. At most it had 200 to 400 inhabitants. The sole occupation in Nazareth was self-sufficiency, i.e. survival. The good news for the little village was that the land was fertile, which made a diet of grain, olives, grapes and legumes the standard foods.  There was an adequate supply of water from a single well.  The size of the village at the time of the angel Gabriel's arrival  was about 10 acres. The modest homes had only dirt floors and in short, was a tiny, isolated, insignificant Jewish peasant village.

When we celebrate this feast, some of us do so with a little bit of unspoken jealousy.  We look at Mary, whom God freed from original sin and wonder, “Why couldn’t God do that for me? My life would be so much easier.”  Today is not what God did for just one person 2,000 years ago.  This is something God is still doing.  We have been given what was given to Mary.  Through Baptism, we too have been freed from original sin.

Rather than worrying about why God did what He did, we should ask why He did what He did. Original sin is a way of saying that from the very beginning we have chosen to do what we prefer to do rather than what God would have us do.  Every sin we commit is a participation in the original sin in that every time we sin we choose what we want rather than what God wants. But God so desperately wants us to be free, the same means He gave Mary. The Immaculate Conception is therefore what God has to offer.

Mary was one of us. She was no different from us except in the matter of making choices She chose God in all things. There is absolutely no reason.we cannot do the same since every spiritual blessing in the heavens is already given to us. As we prepare to celebrate God’s greatest gift, Jesus Christ, we might certainly want to examine how we are different from Mary.  What have been our choices that created problems? How have we repeated  the sin of Adam and Eve by choosing our desires over God’s? We must find out so that God can bring balance into our lives.


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