Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.
 Sunday Readings
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

                                                 1 Timothy 2:4

                        April 2018          

As we celebrate the joy of Easter and if we want to appreciate the joy that the Resurrection brings, we must acknowledge that life today still can be hard.  We suffer from many things.  People we love die.  Our family life gets into a mess.  

People walk out on us.  We or loved ones become sick. We have trouble at work or with the kids.

Our lives can fall into chaos and sometimes this chaos can lead us to believe there is nothing more than what we know in the present.  At these moments, believing in God or even seeing the Resurrection as something real and tangible is difficult, but at times all we have is faith in the Resurrection, the belief that God is in control despite the chaos.

John’s Gospel uses the character to represent us so that we can see that if we work with our faith, as did Mary, Peter and the disciples that Jesus loved, we can beat back the chaos that is in our lives.

By way of symbol, John’s Gospel captures us in our struggle with faith in the Resurrection.  There is the deep faith of the beloved Disciple, but most of us are, like Peter, somewhere in the middle.  We don’t completely understand the empty tomb and what it means, but our hearts tell us that because of it, God is still with us and we are not alone in the chaos of our lives.

The Easter Proclamation, the Exsultet has the message “Let all the corners of the earth be glad knowing an end to gloom and darkness.  Rejoice…let this building shake with joy.”  Jesus did not leave us.  Jesus proved His power over chaos.  What we may now or later experience as chaos cannot defeat Christ.  We must let the Lord chase our cares away and He will chase them away if we let Him.



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