Catholic Charismatic Church  - There was a time when faith was not found wanting.

What we celebrate on Christmas Day is so incredible, it is hard to grasp what had happened. What God has done is almost incomprehensible - the mystery so big and so deep that at times its meaning and significance is lost on us.

We see Christmas trees and decorative lights , we see presents, we hear the familiar carols,  and we see Santa everywhere. We watch television specials from Rudolph to the Grinch. We relish our memories of childhoods past, meeting Santa and riding in the car to see with the family  outdoor decorations and wondering how Santa gets to everyone's house at the same time on Christmas Eve,

However, there is a limit to the power of our Christmas traditions and symbols. We sometimes ask, “What does it all mean”?  “What does it mean that God is with us”?  Although we celebrate that God has done something, we often have a problem  understanding its meaning. 

The Scriptures speak of salvation and theologians the in-breaking of the Divine.  But as intellectually satisfying as that talk may be,  it never really speaks to the heart of those who long for the warm silence of Christmas Eve. Here we don’t want words, we want only silence.

The silence of Christmas not only tells us of love, it lets us be in love.Our God has entered this world to whisper to us that He loves us and in the same silence we realize how much we love Him.  None of us want the silence to end, because then,  we will wake and know that the dream of the night is not yet fully upon us.

We cannot contain our joy so we celebrate its crazy ways, but we still rush to our “Silent Night” - hoping that it will never end, longing for the day that the gift of God’s powerful unexplainable love is shared among us all.

A Blessed Christmas and my Apostolic Benediction to you all.


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